Strategic Planning

Let us help you assess, design, and implement a strategy tailored to growing your business.

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Inventory Analysis

First,  think of your inventory as a bank / cash drain.

 As a business owner,  your money is sitting on shelves in your warehouse(s) waiting for something.  An order or even worse….aging to get sold at a discount or scrapped.  A pure cash consumer (inventory) sits on the shelf.

  • How fast do you turn your inventory?
  • What method do you use to manage the classes of inventory?
  • How do you order/reorder inventory?
  • Are you managing your cash in the warehouse in an efficient manner?
  • How does your inventory management compare against your industry?

Boca Bookkeeping can provide an inventory analysis and classify your inventory based on efficiency and demand. We will make recommendations on where you are,  where you should be,  and how to get there.

Boca Bookkeeping has saved / raised millions of dollars for our customers by managing inventory processes better.   Ask us for a review.

Profitability Analysis

The 1 Percent Rule……..

What does it take to get a 1% improvement in your profit margin?

How many ways are you working toward attaining that goal?

Margin enhancment comes in many ways,  Pricing, discounting, purchasing right (qty and cost), COGS, labor, overhead, marketing, commissions, benefits,… and more.

What would a 1% improvement in your business do to your bottom line cash? How would it improve your long term value?

Contact Boca Bookkeeping for a comprehensive financial review to identify the ways your profit might improve 1% or much more.

Exit Strategy

If you are in the process of transitioning ownership of your company to another company or to investors, we are here to help assist throughout the merge.

  • Data Collection
  • Valuation
  • Analysis
  • Deal Structure
  • Exit Options
  • Exit Team
  • Business Action Plan
  • Implementation
  • Negotiation

We can also assist with helping you create an exit strategy to take your business with the next level.

  • Do you see yourself running the business 10 years from now? 20?
  • Do you have investors?
  • Who will be your successor?
  • What is your business actually worth?
  • What are you doing now to minimize future tax liabilities?

Whether you are in the midst of transitioning your business or just beginning to plan for your business’ future, Boca Bookkeeping has the experience and the know how to help you strategize your financial future.