Reports, Dashboards, and KPI’s

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Boca Bookkeeping has tools that enable streamlining the process of results analysis.  We can enable results reviews versus data reviews.   With scoreboards,  Dashboards using KPI’s (key business indicators) management can readily identify what areas need improvement actions and which ones excel.

KPI Dashboard Options

Monthly  KPI’s  Comprehensive package of your monthly business performance
Daily Indicators  2-5 key elements of your business model reported daily.
Weekly Indicators 12-20 key metrics representing the performance of all disciplines in your business.
Quarterly Forecaster Week-by-week cash projection at least 90 days into the future
Annual Forecaster Detailed plans for the year, month-by-month, with what/if scenarios.
5-Year  Forecaster Financial Model based on validated assumptions to measure outcomes at least 5 years into the future.
CFO Services An experienced CFO is on your team as long as you need.

Boca Raton Bookkeeping extends bookkeeping with CFO services and  develops and provides KPI (key performance indicator) tools to provide rapid review of financial performance.  Six Scoreboards every business needs includes monthly, daily, weekly, quarterly,  and annual.   These can be complemented with Sales and Gross Profit scoreboard as well as inventory analysis scoreboards.

Using the KPI‘s and using scoreboards to rapidly identify issues and performance enable the business owner to focus on business improvement rapidly.