CRM and QuickBooks

Method CRM Integration

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Method CRM is a leading Customer Relationship Management provider that seamlessly integrates and leverages the business information of QuickBooks.   Do you need to extend your business information selectively to your team,  such as,  enabling sales rep’s to see inventory on hand,  or customers to see outstanding bills thru a portal ?  Method CRM and Boca Bookkeeping can make it happen.   Track your sales pipeline,  manage your team, and understand key activities that result in sales success.

Boca Bookkeeping is a Method Solution Provider that can train, implement, setup, and customize your Method CRM solution to fit your specific needs.   The team at Boca Bookkeeping is certified and has the talent to meet complex CRM solutions for you.

Method CRM is fully customizable.  We can help you create your own screens, reports, and interfaces that fit your business.  The information in QuickBooks is connected and integrated with Method CRM and you can extend the power and information in QuickBooks often without adding users to your QuickBooks file.

Boca Bookkeeping is a Certified QuickBooks Consultant and has the talent and experience to implement even the most complex CRM needs.  We have integrated other CRM solutions,  but none work as well as Method when using QuickBooks.

Product Knowledge,  expertise, solution minded.  Give Boca Bookkeeeping a call to get started with meeting all your CRM needs.