Business Planning

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Planning and Budgeting

Planning and budgeting are two key ingredients of successful businesses.  Yet so few businesses actually go through a planning process and evaluate the business line by line,  location by location,  part by part.

  • What are your business goals and objectives?
  • How do those translate to operational and financial targets for the next 12 months?  or 5 years?
  • Are you on track ?
  • What area of your business deserves praise or an improvement plan?

How do you compare with your industry line by line ?

The team at Boca Bookkeeping can help you define your goals, objectives, and put in place a budget to get your business and team focused.   We can place an independent eye on your goals and provide professional support to you as your business grows.

Cash Management

We have all heard it said… Cash is King !  But so many companies struggle to manage cash,  much less forecast it.  So many business owners struggle to fund growth.  Growth is a significant consumer of cash.  Especially for inventory based businesses.

  • Do you have a process to identify or forecast your cash inflows and outflows ?
  • Do you know when your may need to tap your Line of Credit ?
  • Do you need help in asking your lenders for additional capital?
  • Should you lease or can you pay cash for that new equipment?
  • Can you afford another permanent hire?

 Boca Bookkeeping can provide you with the tools, process, training, and support to keep you informed on your cash profile,  now and in the future.